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Work with 100 influencers
in the time it took you to engage with 1


Why spend your time dealing with each influencer to run organic campaigns? Obvious.ly offers a brand new approach to influencer marketing: focus on strategy, influencer selection and performance monitoring.

We take care of everything else.

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The Obvious.ly Platform


Our automated Platform makes campaigns so much easier.

Use our audience builder to identify influencers and their followers by quality, location, demo and interests.
Instantly find hundreds of relevant influencers who are ready to post on your behalf.

Easily review each individual influencer that participates in your campaigns.
Decide who is on brand, who isn't, and who you definitely want to work with again.

Trigger large scale campaigns with a few simple clicks to setup how many influencers, impression & reach goals, audience targeting, rewards and social platforms.

Track performance through your realtime dashboard: watch as influencers create and post fantastic content before your eyes.

The Obvious.ly Back Office


Your dedicated Obvious.ly strategist is here to make sure your campaign is completely optimized, and they take care of all the details so you can focus on your real job.

Our proprietary tech automatically identifies thousands of influencers in your target audience, even when these influencers are not on our platform yet. The OS strategist will uses these data mining tools to find the best influencers in your target audience.

Your OS strategist manages all correspondence with the influencers participating in your campaign, so they feel special (and so you save a lot of time)!

We ship rewards and manage promo codes to make sure each influencer can receive products on time. You have better things do!

We run several influencer loyalty programs to provide you with motivated influencers who post on time with the best content possible.

The Obvious.ly Services


We're not just a tech company, we're a team of marketers. We help with the entire lifecycle of your influencer marketing and can amplify your campaigns through paid promotion, content creation and social strategy initiatives.

We can help with your entire social strategy or with specific pieces of the puzzle, like campaign design or content strategy, so you are getting as much attention as possible.

We can help your team get to the next level with our on-site training programs. Have a great team that just needs more expertise in a certain area? We craft training curricula, workshops and 1 on 1 skill building sessions so that your company's marketing performance is second to none.

Our unique technology enables us to take all the organic content and the audiences you generated and export them to the major paid promotion platform. This enables you to scale up even further while preserving high quality content and audiences.

They scaled up.

The Obvious.ly platform was designed for Fortune 500 brands and large agencies. But we work with a wide array of clients, from startups to large companies, in a wide variety of sectors.

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